Andy Tryba

Andy Tryba

Co-founder & CEO
@Ionic Partners

Andy is a technology optimist and the founder & CEO of Ionic Partners, an investment firm focusing on ‘2nd Chasm’ company acquisitions. Ionic Partners focus on providing companies with stalled revenues a ‘second life’, by pivoting and turning them 100% remote. More on the concept of the 2nd Chasm is described their blog post.

Andy is also the co-founder & CEO of RideAustin, and the CEO of a variety of technology companies including Sococo, Engine Yard, DNN Corp, Kayako, Bizness Apps, FogBugz, School Loop, Agemni & SLI Systems.

Andy is a proponent of remote work with distributed companies such as Crossover. Currently Andy manages 4,000 remote employees, with the number of growing as Think3 acquires more companies and equips them with remote working skills. He also has a blog focused on remote work at scale.

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