Allen C. Koski

CEBS, President
@Insured Nomads Inc.

Allen has been actively involved in developing and supporting international healthcare, global wellness, dental, disability and travel medical plans for multinational employers ranging from the Fortune 100 to emerging multinationals for over 30 years. He has met with groups which include international assignees, traveling executives, local nationals, and medical providers with trips to 75+ countries including China, India, Turkey, Chile, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Czech Republic. He has consulted and advised on global initiatives tailored to the employer’s workforce, goals and budget. He co-hosts the podcast, “The New Nomad”.

He is a featured presenter at the IFEBP Global Certificate Series where he presents biannually on “Comparative Healthcare Systems” and the “Fundamentals of Global Benefits Programs”. He has attained CEBS Fellowship Status from ISCEBS. He has written various articles, notably “Culture, Infrastructure and International Health Benefits Delivery” in Benefits Quarterly; and “Expatriate Benefits for a Changing Global Economy” in Benefits & Compensation Solutions; “Critical Conditions – Seeking Suitable Health Care in China” in Mobility. His latest is “Implications of Underwriting International Medical Insurance” in Newsbriefs based upon an ISCEBS Symposium Presentation.

Allen currently resides in Wilmington, Delaware with his wife and two children and is a graduate of Drew University in Madison, N.J.

Insured Nomads is the first Insurtech in global benefits, offering a full portfolio of insurance solutions for the globally mobile including international health, life and disability, and travel insurance. Uniquely positioned with innovative technology to empower an easy and efficient customer experience. Serving clients around the world, with numerous customer service points, operating a lean and agile enterprise with strategic partners around the globe. Insured Nomads focused People, Technology, Informatics and Service. Available direct and through select brokers/intermediaries. Please visit for more information.

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