10 Essential Signs You Need to Hire a Remote Dedicated Development Team

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The landscape of tech-talent hiring has already started changing drastically for quite a few years now. Modern hiring forms, especially remote dedicated developer hiring is becoming one of the trendsetters in the marketplace. Although, both employers and employees face remote hiring challenges significantly, yet the benefits are much bigger than the cost of those challenges.
The demand for hiring dedicated developers to work remotely has increased substantially in recent years. This increase in the demand for remote developers and software engineers to form a remote development team is heavily governed by the hiring trends in the SMBs and startups domains. One of the most demanded roles in the software development field is remote software developers according to the latest statistics released by Remoteok.io.
Let’s have a deeper perspective on different aspects of remote software developer jobs and the major signs when your business needs to hire remote dedicated developers.

Remote Jobs in Software Development Industry

Remote Jobs in different IndustryThe market size of remote work is increasing at a very fast pace across the globe. According to the Upwork projection, more than 73% of all teams worldwide are expected to have remote workers by 2028. Similarly, the International Workplace Group report reveals that more than 50% of all employees in the USA work at least 2.5 days a week outside their head offices.
The contribution of the software development sector is huge in this gigantic market size and future projections of the market. Information Technology IT contributes over 29.2% of the total volume of remote work globally followed by marketing. Mobile app development contributes to over 4.5% of the total remote work industry. The share of software development is huge in all domains that use remote employees including marketing, business management, shopping, security, and other fields. Almost all companies hire cross-functional roles to accomplish business tasks in different business processes because technology has impacted almost all business processes.
Almost all small and medium-size companies extensively choose to hire dedicated software developers remotely to cater to their software-related needs. Many studies forecast a consistent demand for remote developers because a steady increase in remote work for developers is expected to hit the market very soon. The remote work mainly powered by software development has seen a huge growth of about 159% in the past 12 years, according to the Global Workplace Analytics and Flex Job research information. Nowadays, it is a norm in the industry to hire remote developers for software development and maintenance support.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Hiring Remote Developers for SMEs

Remote Jobs in Software Development IndustryLike all other types of hiring models, remote hiring has also advantages and disadvantages. But, the advantages are numerous as compared to the disadvantages, which is why it has become a trend in the industry to hire dedicated developers in the global market. The main advantages and disadvantages of hiring remote developers are mentioned below.


  • Reduced cost of software development
  • Increased productivity
  • Full flexibility of work
  • Easy to scale up the software development teams
  • Faster to decrease/increase the manpower
  • Faster delivery of projects
  • Effective use of diverse time-zones
  • Access to a large pool of talent across the globe
  • No upfront cost required for CAPEX
  • Huge saving in real estate cost
  • Huge saving in power and other utilities
  • Contribution to environment protection
  • No legal and social security rules


    • Reduced control over the remote team
    • Communication-related problems
    • Reduced human connection
    • Cross-culture gap
    • Issues related to the quality of work
    • Increased risk of project failure due to reliability matters

Top 10 Signs When Your Business Needs Remote Dedicated Developers

There are multiple options for hiring software developers in the marketplace. Hiring remote dedicated developers is one of them. You need to hire remote dedicated developers when you feel and your business notice the following signs:

#1 When You Struggle for Desired Skills in Your Team

Information technology changes very fast, you need new skills and expertise frequently to maintain a competitive edge. According to the Gartner survey, more than 22% of the CIOs face the challenge of finding the right resource with the desired skill set. This happens with the majority of the IT businesses when you feel that your team is running short of the skills required to accomplish the current tasks professionally, you need to think of hiring a remote dedicated developer. It is much easier to find the tech-talent with the right skills through remote dedicated hiring methods.

#2 When You Struggle Against Increased Development Cost

In the USA, there is a huge shortage of computer-related professionals, especially software developers and engineers. According to Code.org information, there are more than 481 thousand job openings, but the universities of the USA were producing merely 61 thousand graduates. This huge shortage increased the salaries of developers so high. So, hiring an on-shore developer is just a dream for small businesses and startups. It can be very difficult for SMBs to contain the development cost in such conditions. You should choose for the remote dedicated developers when you feel the heat of development cost.

#3 When You Struggle to Retain Your In-House Talent

According to the StackOverflow survey, more than 60% of on-job software developers are open to new job opportunities in the market. In the given conditions where the industry is already facing tech-talent crunch and a large majority is looking for other opportunities, retaining software developers is an uphill task. In any demanding software marketplace, you should choose for the remote dedicated developers to maintain your team working smoothly.

#4 When You Struggle in Achieving the Targeted Time-to-Market

With the improvement in the software development technologies and frameworks, the time-to-market of a new release is very short. When you struggle to maintain a shorter time-to-market for your software product or service, you should choose the remote dedicated software developers to remain in the competition against your competitors.

#5 When You Have to Pay Huge Utility Bills

In-house teams require numerous utilities like electricity, heating, cooling, and gas at the workplace. You need to pay bills against the use of those services for your in-house team. When the prices of electricity, gas, and other stuff required at the office become huge, you should choose for the dedicated developers remotely. You will be able to reduce the utility bills significantly. Your business can save up to $11,000 per year on utility and office expenses per year if you choose a remote developer.

#6 When You Realize Responsibility of Environment Conservation

The environment is one of the major concerns of the entire world nowadays. By hiring remote dedicated developers you can discharge your responsibilities toward the environment and our earth. By hiring a remote dedicated developer you decrease carbon footprints significantly on the account of utility, transportation, and others.

#7 When You Need Faster Delivery of Your Project

The cost of every project is heavily affected by the period of the project. If you complete the project faster, you can reduce the cost of the project substantially. The present software industry has become so fast to achieve a competitive edge in the business. If you are not able to complete the projects faster, you will have to pay heavily and sometimes, you may go out of business. So, when you need faster project deliveries, hire remote dedicated developers.

#8 When You Lack in Effective Use of Technology

The software technology is changing very rapidly. You find numerous new tools, platforms, computer languages, and methodologies very frequently in the marketplace. You need to benefit from those technologies; otherwise, you will be left behind in the competitive marketplace. When you feel that you are not using modern technologies to the fullest, choose the option to hire a remote dedicated developer.

#9 When Your Profit Margins Start Drooping

The competition in the market is fierce worldwide. Maintaining a reasonable profit margin is a big challenge. When you feel your profit margins are drooping, hire remote dedicated developers to help maintain profit margins at a sustainable level.

#10 When 24×7 Support Becomes a Bottleneck

Customer support is one of the key factors for developing a reputable brand. There are various chatbot benefits making it a great tool for customer support. You can hire remote developers to automate customer support through chatbots, voice recognition software, and other tools.

Final Takeaway
Hiring remote dedicated developers are becoming a new norm in the software development industry. It offers numerous advantages to enterprises. You can benefit from those great advantages by hiring remote dedicated developer when you feel that your business shows the signs like increased development cost, utility bills, time-to-market, and project durations and decreased productivity, profit margins, customer support, service quality, skill sets, and effective use of technology.

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