Liam Martin

Liam Martin, Co-founder & CMO, Time Doctor, Co-organizer, Running Remote

This week Danny interviews Liam Martin – co-founder and CMO of Time Doctor and co-organizer of Running Remote Conference

They discuss Running Remote’s survival and victory in this emergency situation when all their in-person events were cancelled. 

Running remote has always been able to gather absolute top innovators in the remote work space at their events.

Here’s what Liam talks about it in this interview – “That type of access is very, very rare. I remember interviewing Dimitri of GitLab directly for the first Running Remote. And I thought to myself that guy’s a billionaire, pretty crazy.”

Listen to this candid conversation as Danny and Liam discuss how the world has changed in 2020 and how remote work has been a key part of this revolution. Also you will enjoy some of Liam’s joyful experiences interviewing billionaires at Running Remote events.

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