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Looking out for a coworking space in NYC? New York City is, without a doubt, one of the best places to be if you happen to be looking out for a coworking space. A trend that’s fast catching up across the world is the rise of these semi-formal work zones where people gather to interact and network with their peers, besides using it as a workplace, of course.

It’s the perfect place for the digital nomads, freelancers, and professionals of today who need the right mix of creativity, collaboration, networking, coffee, and everything else that characterizes the notion of coworking. We’ve listed 10 of the best places in NYC we think you will absolutely love. Each one of these spaces has a unique aura of its own and they all offer their own individual goodies to woo remote workers and entrepreneurs.

1. WeWork

wework coworking space nyc

You’ve probably already heard of WeWork before— the company maintains global locations dedicated to coworking. These are no ordinary spaces, though when you consider that you can customize the look and feel of your private space or an entire floor in line with your company branding.

What’s more, WeWork spaces are among the favorite haunts of entrepreneurs and founders who are looking out to add talented members to their teams. WeWork operates nearly 67 spaces in NYC in several important locations. You’ll find office spaces in Manhattan’s financial district, Brooklyn, Harlem, and numerous other regions.

The office spaces provide coffee and there are meeting and conference rooms along with phone booths for calls. What makes WeWork stand apart from the competition is that you can tap into a network of great coworking spaces conveniently located at prominent business hotspots around the world. The setup time is minimal as all IT infrastructure is already deployed. You just need to plug in to get going.

Perks include happy hours, product launches, and affordable health insurance plans.

2. NeueHouse

neuehouse coworking space nyc

NeueHouse focuses on providing thought leaders and innovators a private workplace that excites creativity.

The space also attaches particular significance to food, serving the community exotic delicacies to enrich their coworking experience. This is unlike many spaces which only offer coffee and basic snacks with food being treated as an afterthought. The food and beverage offerings are delicious and have received rave reviews.

The menu has carefully chosen items that will serve to enhance the work experience according to the time of the day. They also offer a user-friendly menu creator tool, allowing members to personalize their culinary experiences based on their preferences and dietary needs

NeueHouse also makes its imaginatively designed spaces available for private events such as screenings, gatherings, and launch parties. NeueHouse is frequented by design, media, and film professionals.

The space is most admired for the large seating areas and the unique aura thanks to the curated ambiance and decor. The moment you step in, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a new world altogether.

NeueHouse hosts talks, musical events, and stand-up comedy shows at night too.

3. Spacious

spacious coworking space nyc

Spacious creates “flexible” working spaces at multiple locations in the city. Every space has a blazing fast WiFi connection and offers complimentary coffee to all members. Like other coworking spaces, Spacious has meeting rooms for teams to ideate and collaborate.

What makes Spacious so easy to use is that the spaces can all be checked for availability using a simple app. No advance reservations are required. Some Spacious venues are located inside restaurants which means you could order gourmet lunch too.

You will find plenty of power outlets conveniently located everywhere to plug in your laptop and mobile phone. Spacious provides both day passes and other membership options including monthly, quarterly, and annual plans for its patrons.

4. VillageOne

village one coworking space nyc

VillageOne stands for creative collaboration and this is well reflected in the design of this coworking space situated in SoHo. The space provides professional working facilities to creatives including photographers, designers, and architects.

There’s a world-class photo studio equipped with all infrastructure on-site that can be booked if needed. It’s an ideal place for videographers and photographers who need a quiet environment to work. There’s an editing suite inside the studio with computers running industry-standard software.

The staff is super friendly too and will be happy to accommodate your requests.

5. Greendesk

greendesk coworking space nyc

Located in Dumbo, Downtown Brooklyn, and a host of other locations, Greendesk is known for providing unique office suites that are environment-friendly. Greendesk’s energy-efficient buildings make use of recycled aluminum and glass. Motion sensors ensure that the lights are only turned on when needed. Not to mention the lights themselves are CFLs and LEDs that consume much lower energy than ordinary lighting.

Greendesk maintains printers, shredders, scanners, and copiers in each of its buildings should you need them. Mail/package services are also available. You could book one of the large AV-friendly conference rooms, event spaces or private offices.

Greendesk also provides excellent customer service to its guests. The space has also received positive reviews from several renowned media outlets.

6. Primary

primary coworking spaces nyc

At Primary, it’s all about focus and comfortable surroundings to work in. You’ll also find lots of greenery everywhere: from moss walls to fresh flowers. There’s an in-house studio that offers instructor-led Yoga and meditation classes. Guests can also relish exotic (and healthy) juice blends and healthy snacks.

Primary makes a lot of effort to cut down on ambient noises so you can focus on what’s important rather than struggling with the background sounds. Meeting spaces can be rented for video conferences and meetings. Perhaps one of the main distinctive Primary offerings is the cafe that serves thoughtfully chosen delicacies.

The gourmet items are all prepared from fresh ingredients and there are plenty of options to choose from.

7. The Yard

the yard coworking space nyc

The Yard overlooks the Columbus Circle and provides both open coworking spaces and dedicated desks. The spaces are all designed with one single focus: enhancing productivity and they are an eclectic mix of the classic and the contemporary.

What makes The Yard stand apart is that the spaces are adorned with beautiful artworks that are rotated on a routine basis. The ‘Art Program’ curates the artworks and invites both internationally renowned and budding artists to participate in the fun events with the members.

The Yard has its coworking spaces divided into several sections with corridors each of which contains office spaces.

You’ll find that the workspaces are all well-lit with warm natural light. Guests frequently praise the supportive staff and the fact that you get to meet people from so many different backgrounds and skills, learning from each other.

8. The Farm SoHo

the farm coworking space nyc

Wondering where that name came from? Well, it’s quite literal actually, considering that the company moved an old barn piece by piece from Southern Missouri to NYC. If you like organic design, you’ll love The Farm.

The Farm provides boutique workspaces on Broadway in Midtown, 2nd floor and 3rd floor SoHo, and a 2nd floor loft in SoHo East, that are also very affordable. It’s possible to rent a full-floor office complete with all infrastructure too if you’d like a flexible space for your team. It’s pet-friendly so you can also bring along your furry best friend.

You could either purchase a day pass or reserve a hot desk for a month. Dedicated spaces are also available for rent. The Farm has a unique “energy” about it that will keep you motivated and focused.

Perks include a comfortable environment with a cozy fireplace, exposed brick walls and a breathtaking rooftop lounge/event space

9. Alley

alley coworking space nyc

Alley created connected platforms that facilitate coworking by helping you collaborate with people who can enrich your network at a professional and personal level. The great thing about Alley’s workspaces is that they are all cutting-edge technology powered. For example, most spaces are 5G-enabled.

The company has contracts with Verizon and many of the coworking spaces are powered by the latter brand. In fact, Alley’s coworking spaces are created by Verizon, one of the global tech giants. Alley is actually much more than an ordinary coworking space.

It’s an entrepreneurial hub that gives you excellent opportunities to connect and collaborate with like-minded professionals. You’ll find start-up teams working on great ideas and professionals from tech giants working under one roof.

You could choose from an open desk or a private office space with a private desk at Alley. A private space is ideal for teams who wish to work in a relaxed environment with some privacy while also being able to connect to the larger community of people around them at Alley. It’s the best of both worlds.

Do not miss the excellent cappuccino!

10. Spaces

Spaces calls its coworking spaces “dynamic” office environments that can inspire guests to achieve their targets in a seamless way. There are meeting spaces available for rent. The rooms are AV enabled and also possess whiteboards. There are numerous breakfast sessions and community events and networking events organized throughout the year.

Spaces offers flexible contract terms that are customized according to your specific business needs. You will find Spaces in Hudson Yards, Dumbo, Long Island City, and Penn Plaza, to name just a few locations.

If you wish to host an event such as a seminar or a talk, get in touch with the Spaces staff to have the necessary arrangements made.

11. Bat Haus

The Bat Haus, located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, is open Monday-Friday from 9am – 7pm for coworking.  It is a quiet productive atsmosphere.

Perks include fast wifi, a kitchen and lounge, and two conference rooms.

12.  Workville

workville coworking space nyc

With private offices and open workspaces in Midtown Manhattan, Workville is located just steps from Times Square Penn Station, Grand Central, and all major subways.

You can have a large private office seating up to 25 people and smaller private offices for teams that are just getting started.  And you can have a dedicated desk for the single founder.

Final Words

If you’re on the hunt for the best coworking spaces in NYC, you must definitely try the options we’ve handpicked for you in this article. You’ll find that these are among the best coworking spaces and shared office spaces in the region that have garnered quite a following owing to their excellent services.

Before you narrow down the choice and make the final decision, ensure that you discuss your specific business requirements with the company management to ensure your needs can be taken care of by the coworking space of your choice in a hassle-free manner.

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  1. Hi Greg and readers,

    Happy 2020! I wanted to introduce you to my coworking space.

    Antelope is a reincarnation of 42west24, the original coworking space in NYC. We first opened in 1999 and renovated last year. We are located at – yes! – 42 West 24 Street 🙂

    Antelope is quiet and conscientious and has an open layout.

    Flatiron is a great neighborhood to work in. Lots of energy and convenience. Eataly and Madison Square Park are right down the block. Close to many subway lines.

    We welcome small businesses, creatives, incubators and freelancers to drop by for a tour Monday-Friday 9-5.

    Come say hello!

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