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Coworking spaces are the new norm. Freelancers, entrepreneurs and even remote employees are increasingly preferring to work out of such collaborative spaces that redefine the conventional ‘office’ space. The trend is fast spreading across the United States and if you’ve been looking out for coworking spaces in Austin, Texas we’ve done the hard work for you. 

You’ll find below some imaginatively designed coworking spaces in the region that we’ve handpicked for you. These are sure to give a powerful productivity boost to your work. So, why wait? Head straight to a coworking space near you and get working!

1. Capital Factory 

Capital Factory Coworking Space

Capital Factory is located right in the heart of the city in downtown Austin which makes it one of the best places for freelancers and professionals who wish to stay close to some of the most important city hotspots. Not to mention the multitude of hotels, cafes, and restaurants in this part of the city. 

Guests have frequently praised the well-appointed common area and the kitchen. Capital Factory is much more than your traditional coworking space though— it’s also a tech incubator and the place hosts a strong community of entrepreneurs with several events lined up throughout the year. 

There’s even an onsite gym. You’ll find a VR/AR lab too! The meeting spaces are all equipped with AV facilities that will make videoconferencing a breeze. 

2. Createscape Coworking

Createscape Coworking Space

Located on Tillery street, Createscape Coworking, as the name suggests, is an innovative coworking space that’s especially targeted at creatives. You’ll be delighted if you’re a photographer, in particular, thanks to the amazing photo studio onsite in East Austin. You could also book one of the meeting spaces online. Parking is free and your furry pal is allowed inside too. 

The coworking space will also arrange coffee (which is locally roasted), tea, and snacks to keep you at your productive best. There are also happy hours that you can attend.

Createscape can also set you up with a virtual mailbox should you need it. A physical address is provided to you at a certain charge. Email notifications and mail scanning facilities are also available.

3. Galvanize

Galvanize Coworking Space

This is another incredible downtown Austin coworking space that should definitely be on your list. It’s located right in the tech core of Austin with big tech giants including Google and IBM overlooking the region. 

Galvanize hosts educational workshops from time to time which are great for expanding your skillset when you get the time. If you’re a small business, you could reserve seating for your team to work together in a productive environment.

You can enjoy free snacks and coffee and access the conference rooms and meeting spaces should you need them.

4. Tech Ranch

Techranch Coworking

Tech Ranch is your place if you’re looking out to collaborate with other entrepreneurs and founders. It’s known to have sparked a great many collaborations and has great networks with regions spanning from Australia to Japan.

You can choose from amongst shared office spaces and private spaces for your team. Located in the northern part of the city, this space offers a variety of amenities to suit diverse team sizes. 

There are also special schemes running from time to time including free Fridays for new guests to check the offerings out.

5. Fibercove

If you’re one of those people who prefer the warmth of natural lighting in interior spaces, Fibercove might just be the best choice for you. The company “curates” what it calls a personalized “office experience” for you. 

Situated in South Austin, Fibercove hosts several online communities and maintains a directory that you could browse if you’re looking for specific resources. Guests will find a variety of seating options form open offices to private spaces. 

You could get a one day pass or a dedicated office membership that comes with high-speed internet access and a dedicated office desk for your use.

6. Orange Coworking

Another South Austin coworking space, Orange Coworking is a beautiful positive space worth exploring. There are meeting and conference rooms to utilize. Do not forget to get your daily dose of inspiration from the inspirational lectures.  Oh, and don’t forget the free parking!

We also liked the fact that the place provides an in-house personal assistant should you need one. You can also benefit from the lightning-fast WiFi (thanks to the Gigabit internet infrastructure) and the mail service. 

The Orange membership plans let you have a dedicated space with complimentary mailbox access. You can also secure keys to your workspace and come and go at will. 

7. WeWork

wework coworking space

Located in University Park (near UT campus), downtown Austin on Congress Ave., and newest location in North Austin at Domain,  WeWork is one of the best coworking spaces. It’s also great if you wish to tap into the global WeWork network with offices worldwide. You could book an event space or get your own private desk with access to world-class amenities.

Every floor at WeWork offices has business-grade printers, scanners, copiers, and other infrastructure. Need to make a phone call? Step into one of the private phone booths to cut out the noise. 

One major advantage of choosing WeWork is that the workspaces are configurable. You could customize the spaces with your own business branding if needed. 

8. Soma Vida

Soma Vida Coworking

Each of the coworking spaces we’ve chosen for you in this list has a unique differentiating factor. For Soma Vida in East Austin, it has to be the focus on wellness. There are yoga studios and meeting rooms to be rented when you need them.

You could also host your event by booking one of the many event spaces based on your needs. Prefer a wellness space instead? You could book that as well. 

Soma Vida also curates amazing lectures and workshops to help you constantly work on improving your skills and keep up with the latest trends.

9. Atmosphere Coworking

Atmosphere Coworking

If you’re on the lookout for boutique coworking spaces curated just for your specific needs, Atmosphere Coworking in East Austin might just be what you’re looking for. 

The place supports scalable teams so you could keep adding new members to your team and all work together in a creative and productive office space

Atmosphere is more than just a coworking space. In fact, the company says it offers its customers what it calls unique ‘work experiences’ through its many distinctive offerings.

10. Patchwork

Patchwork Coworking Space

Wish to ditch the traditional workspace and work by the poolside instead? Located on Mueller boulevard, Patchwork in East Austin lets you do that and much more. There are actually two pools, a hammock garden, an amazing kitchen, and a large courtyard amongst other amenities. At Patchwork, work is never a dull experience!

Perks include several meeting and conference rooms. You could even enjoy hiking in the trails nearby. The space also provides locker and phone booth facilities. There’s even a movie room and a billiards table. 

Wish to catch some fresh air? You’ll find some great food trucks and shopping zones merely a stone’s throw away.

11. The Cathedral ATX

The Cathedral ATX

The Cathedral ATX is a refurbished 1930’s church that serves as a coworking space, event venue, and art gallery for Austin’s diverse community. 

With general coworking memberships, semi-private offices and private offices, a conference space, a fully equipped kitchen, phone booths for privacy, free ample parking, and a complimentary beverage and snack bar, The Cathedral ATX makes for the perfect space to find inspiration and productivity mere minutes from downtown Austin.

Visit thecathedralatx.com to book a tour.

12. Impact Hub Austin

Impact Hub Coworking SpaceImpact Hub is nothing like a conventional coworking space. You will find beautiful, creatively-designed interiors that add up in their own wonderful ways to enhance your work focus and productivity. 

You get access to the regular office technical infrastructure in addition to complimentary fair trade coffee. There are also pet-friendly spaces, campfire networking meets, various networking events, dedicated desks, and a team of dedicated onsite staff to help you in your endeavors. 

Need a break? Enroll in one of the meditation and yoga classes to recharge your mind, body, and soul again. 

13. Link Coworking

What are the best things about working out of Link Coworking? For sure, the panoramic green views all around! You just come with your system, plug in, sit down, and begin working. There are also private offices and the regular meeting rooms too. And you are in walking distance of restaurants and coffee shops.

Link Coworking, like many of its peers, also offers virtual mailbox services that can be accessed from anywhere. There’s an amazing outdoor courtyard and covered seating available too should you prefer to work out in the open.

Link is a member of the LEXC community of coworking spaces around the globe which are ideal when you’re working while traveling. In the event that you’re traveling to a place without a LEXC space, Link will help you find an alternative too. 

14. Austin Central Library

Austin Central Library is a fascinating place every freelancer and remote worker in the Austin region should consider. Situated in downtown, there are numerous learning chambers in the library that can be reserved with a prior request.

The library also has a great AV infrastructure and you can organize videoconferences, give presentations or connect with one of the many huge monitors. Best of all, you could use one of the meeting rooms free of charge if you’re engaged in a non-commercial activity.

15. Vessel Coworking 

Vessel Coworking SpaceThis North Austin coworking space offers a quiet and relaxed environment for professionals who need to focus on productivity while avoiding unnecessary disturbances. If you’re stuck and need help, Vessel operates a Slack support account that can help you troubleshoot challenges at hand. 

You can also use the mailbox service that comes at a nominal monthly charge. There are conference rooms that can be booked to conduct meetings and discussions. There is cold brew on tap.  Oh, and did we mention the free snacks?

16.  Industrious Office

Industrious Office Coworking Space

Industrious Office has two convenient Austin locations with private offices and premium coworking spacesIndustrious can accommodate individuals and teams of all sizes.  There is high speed internet and wifi.  

The folks at Industrious want their tenants to unwind from time to time.  So they placed a coffee bar and lounge for people to go and relax.

17. Meld Coworking

This amazing coworking space offers a shared space within a house that is 100 years old.  It gives you the feeling of being at a home away from home.  

There are standing and sitting desks, and meeting rooms to collaborate on projects.  Perks include monitors, free snacks and drinks and after-hour events.

Final Words

Coworking spaces in Austin are ideal for freelancers and remote professionals who seek a workplace away from home. They’re also perfect for entrepreneurs who seek new talent or are looking out for networking opportunities. Bustling with creative communities and ideas, these places are sure to send your productivity levels high. 

When choosing a coworking space, consider if it has all the amenities you would need to conduct business smoothly. Check for specific requirements: is it dog-friendly? Are there outdoor spaces? Does it serve coffee and snacks? 

Coworking stations that offer relaxation spaces with Yoga and meditation classes are also great options worth exploring if you’ll be working out of these places for long working hours.  

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