15 Best Coworking Spaces in Seattle

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Seattle is well-known for its tech industry and is the perfect place to be if you’re a freelancer, remote professional or coder. The city also delights with its vibrant coworking scene and is home to some of the finest coworking spaces as you’ll soon discover in this article.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just bored working from your home office or seek networking opportunities with others in your field: coworking is a great way to expand and scale your business all while staying inspired.

We’ve shortlisted some of the best coworking spaces in Seattle for you to consider working out of: these are all powerhouses of creativity and will motivate you to do your best whether you’re creating your next design, writing your masterpiece or finishing that critical project within the deadline.


wework coworking space seattle

WeWork, the international network of coworking spaces across the globe has, at the time of writing, 16 premium coworking sites in Seattle. WeWork is designed with a futuristic workflow in mind and allows guests to explore exciting collaborative opportunities together.

You’ll find monthly community events too which are great ways to connect with the local community and businesses. Guests can enjoy free coffee and fruit water all day long. You’ll also find business-class printing facilities on all floors inside every location in addition to meeting rooms that can be utilized for conferences and presentations.

There are also common areas and lounge areas to unwind and network with fellow professionals. WeWork locations also typically have on-site staff to help you in the event of any operational issues.

Knack Coworking

Knack Coworking welcomes you to an upbeat coworking space that’s nothing like your home office or chaotic coffee shop. Knack coworking offers affordable coworking spaces that provide every startup and business no matter what its stage access to critical resources.

Members can benefit from unlimited copying and printing facilities, a fully functional state-of-the-art podcast studio, high-speed internet, private phone booths, meeting rooms, and local coffee and tea.

The space also frequently organizes events for members that include workshops and happy hours.

Galvanize Seattle

galvanize coworking space seattle

Galvanize is an international coworking and bootcamp space with offices worldwide. The company is known for bringing the best of technology startups and enterprises together on one common platform, encouraging network and collaboration opportunities.

Located right in downtown Seattle, Galvanize is a great place to enjoy coworking with the city’s main hotspots within easy reach. The space offers free printing facilities, recreation spaces, lightning-fast internet, and access to conference rooms.

Galvanize offers free coffee and there are great workshops that are organized weekly. You can also explore business mentorship opportunities.

Industrious Seattle Downtown

industrious coworking space seattle

Industrious Seattle features two unique coworking spaces that can support teams up to 100 strong. The downtown location is close to Amazon’s headquarters while the Bellevue site is ideal for those who need convenient access to the freeway or commuting facilities.

Industrious has large conference rooms and encourages collaborative working. You’ll find both shared offices and private spaces to suit your needs. Guests can also contact Industrious management for custom office spaces. Industrious also runs schemes that cover members’ moving costs from time to time.

The workspaces offer plenty of natural light and you can also utilize the mail and packaging services as well as access to the lounge areas.

Collective Chemistry

collective chemistry coworking space seattle

Collective Chemistry is specifically targeted at creative professionals such as graphic designers, photographers, cinematographers, and web designers. By bringing them all together, Collective Chemistry aims to promote community engagement and networking in the interest of everyone.

The workspace offers guests both shared working zones and dedicated desks. There’s also a common area, lounge, phone room, conference room, and a screening room.

At the core of Collective Chemistry is the belief that “freelancers support freelancers”. You’ll find an interesting mix of video editors, animators, and creative people all working together in an eclectic environment.

Black Dot

black dot coworking space seattle

Black Dot is not just about a coworking space: the company creates an ecosystem with knowledge, space, and support to help freelancers and businesses excel in their endeavors. The key idea here is ‘cultural responsiveness’ and community values especially focused on individuals of African descent.

Both shared and private office spaces are available on rent in addition to the training rooms, coworking labs, and conference spaces. The latter can be booked at an hourly rate.

The Cloud Room

cloudroom coworking space seattle

Situated in Capitol Hill, The Cloud Room is one of Seattle’s most lively coworking spaces. You’ll find here a great bar, a podcast studio, and collaborative spaces for individuals and teams to work in a peaceful and productive environment.

Guests can use the phone booths and meeting rooms in addition to the communal kitchen and other spaces. You also get access to the many events and workshops that are organized frequently. The company also organizes wellness-focused events including astrologer’s readings and massage sessions.

Office Nomads

office nomads coworking space seattle

Office Nomads started way back in 2007 and has been the coworking space of choice for remote workers and freelancers because of it’s ability to replicate the office culture. “Collaboration over competition” is the mantra here and you’ll see it well reflected in every aspect of the coworking space right from the community to the infrastructure.

Office Nomads provides free meeting rooms that can be engaged by a member for up to 2 hours a day. You’ll also find private phone booths, printing and copying facilities, and storage spaces.

Ballard Labs

At Ballard Labs, it’s all about creating a productive and professional environment that can inspire members to do their best. From freelancers to CEOs, Ballard Labs caters to everyone with their distraction-free work zones.

You’ll find shared workspaces, private desks, and private office spaces. You can also leverage the virtual office service that comes with corporate mail service and access to the conference rooms.

There are several membership plans on offer. Guests can invest in a part time shared space too which comes with free garage parking, phone booth access, and office supplies.

The Riveter

the riveter coworking space seattle

The Riveter features three powerful coworking spaces “built by women, for everyone” in Seattle. The space enourages collaboration and innovation. You can join as a member at any of the three coworking spaces and access all of them at your convenience.

The coworking spaces can all be accessed 24 hours a day and feature great workshops from time to time. Guests can also participate in yoga sessions, happy hours, and community events.

The Inc.

The Inc. is the coworking space of choice for entrepreneur-parents who wish to balance work and life in the best way possible. This is a nonprofit space where parents can drop off kids to the playschool room and get to work in the coworking zone.

Guests can book the space online and utilize the flexible childcare services offered. The Inc. offers high-speed internet services and access to workshops and sessions.

The Pioneer Collective

The Pioneer Collective is the space to get work done in a productive environment. Guests can access the event spaces and meeting rooms on-site too. There are also private office spaces for teams of all sizes.

The Pioneer Collective offers virtual office and mail services, internet services, phone rooms, and on-site staff.

Atlas Workbase

atlas workbase coworking space

Atlas Workbase lets guests choose their own workspaces every time they step in. Members can also utilize specially-designed conference rooms and presentation spaces.

The company delivers personalized services to curate unique experiences for its guests. Atlas Workbase has a number of different types of conference rooms to suit meetings of all kinds: from casual discussions to executive boardrooms.


thinkspace coworking space seattle

Thinkspace creates an entire community of creative professionals, remote workers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. With innovators all around you, it is easy to stay inspired all day long. You can choose from shared spaces and private offices that can accommodate multiple people.

Thinkspace is perfect for meeting your new investor or organizing a productive team meeting that means business. The coworking space can be accessed round the clock and you can utilize the printing, scanning, and copying services on-site.

Best of all, the space offers spectacular views owing to its amazing location. Entrepreneurial events are also organized routinely.

Urban Worklofts

Urban Worklofts creates large, airy workspaces complete with professional conference rooms and panoramic views. You’ll also enjoy the abundant natural light everywhere. Guests can choose from over 40 floor plans and benefit from services such as company mailboxes, shower rooms, 24 x 7 access, and on-site storage.

The spaces are highly interactive and open, designed with coworking and collaboration in mind. There are also collaboration spaces and viewing decks in addition to phone lines and WiFi connectivity.

Businesses can get in touch for specific requests: in fact, the company also features member businesses’ signage in a bid to drive greater brand awareness at no extra cost.

Final Words

If you’re looking out for the best coworking spaces in Seattle, consider the options we’ve presented above. While some coworking spaces offer breathtaking views of the city, others are more tech-oriented. They’re all geared towards the celebration of the community and collaborative working which form the very core of coworking.

Make sure you discuss your specific business requirements with the management before you zero in on the space of your choice.

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