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Portland is home to a flourishing tech, design, and information systems industry. The rise of remote working and freelancing has led to the immense popularity of coworking and shared workspaces. These spaces are home to great communities of professionals who collaborate and network to achieve shared goals and eliminate common bottlenecks.

You can enjoy an endless stream of hot coffee, interact with like-minded individuals, and step into the state of the art conference rooms. These workspaces are also equipped with modern amenities and infrastructure that are designed to significantly boost productivity. 

We have handpicked some of Portland’s best coworking spaces for you to check out and work out of. Let’s see what these are and the features they boast.


NedSpace was started in 2009 and has been a coworking space of choice for many professionals in Portland. The 15,000 square feet space is built with freelancers, designers, entrepreneurs, and remote professionals in mind. One of the highest coworking spaces in Portland, NedSpace offers spectacular views of the region. 

Guests can also benefit from the lightning-fast WiFi connection on-site. NedSpace offers free printing facilities too. You could also explore mentorship opportunities with the community. The space provides phone charging stations, bike parking, shower rooms, and a kitchen space. 

Members can choose from a hot desk, private office, and a private desk at NedSpace based on their requirements. 

Centrl Office

centrl coworking space portland

Centrl Office calls itself a “cafe with meeting rooms”, and it’s definitely much more than that. It’s a productive space that aims to promote collaboration. 

In fact, Centrl Office has three workspaces in the Portland region. The spaces are all conveniently located close to amazing restaurants and city hotspots. Centrl Office optimizes all aspects of their coworking spaces from furnishings to lighting and sound. 

Expect world-class spaces with ergonomic design and privacy to help you focus on what’s important while cutting out all the noise and distractions. Centrl Office provides patrons with flexible membership options including monthly membership plans. You are never stuck with a long-term plan and can scale up or down based on the situation at hand with ease. 

Industrious Portland

industrious coworking space portland

Industrious Portland is professionally designed and features ample natural lighting. Guests can enjoy the craft coffee and beverages as well as the other facilities the space has to offer. 

The Portland coworking space also has a wellness room and is dog-friendly, so you could bring your furry pal along. There are several enclosed office spaces for teams that come with access to the common areas. These are great for startups and small teams seeking a flexible and productive coworking space. 

Industrious Portland also offers a fast WiFi connection and lounge areas for members to connect and relax. The company also provides color printing facilities to patrons in addition to snacks and daily breakfast. 


wework coworking space portland

WeWork is an international chain of coworking spaces located around the world. The company has 4 coworking spaces in Portland and they’re all equipped with modern infrastructure and facilities. 

You can enjoy hot coffee with your peers and access the modern conference rooms. If you find yourself struggling with something, you could reach out to a community manager. Members can work out of shared workspaces or private office spaces to boost productivity. 

WeWork also lets you host events in the dedicated event spaces. The locations are close to shopping hotspots and well-known hotels. The spaces are typically dog-friendly and feature wellness rooms where you can relax and rejuvenate with a refreshing meditation session. There are also shower rooms and bike storage spaces for members to use. 

Desk and Mug Coworking Studio

Desk and Mug Portland is a great option to consider if you’re looking out for a comfortable air-conditioned space to work from. Desk and Mug offers locally roasted coffee as well as copying, printing, and scanning services.

Desk and Mug creates a workspace powered by solar energy. You can access a secure coworking space complete with modern conference rooms. Guests can also use the ultra-fast internet connection on-site. 

The space is in close proximity to popular coffee shops and transportation hubs so you should have no problems getting around. 

You can rent a flex desk that provides you access to an open workstation or choose a dedicated desk that gives you access to your own private desk. You could also opt for a corner desk that resembles a small office more than a dedicated desk. 

Regus Oregon

regus coworking space portland

Regus offers 20 beautiful coworking spaces to choose from in Portland. These spaces cater to the needs of teams of all sizes. The rent terms are also flexible and guests can rent the spaces for a period spanning days or weeks or months. Regus Oregon provides fully furnished spaces with business-grade internet services for guests. 

The company offers interior office spaces which are cost-effective options for individuals on a budget. There are also private window offices that offer stunning views. You could also choose virtual office membership that comes with a business address. Each location provides conference rooms for meetings and presentations. Some locations also offer on-site coffee shops and outdoor seating spaces. 

Urban Office

Urban Office renovated a beautiful wood and steel adorned space to provide guests with an unmatched coworking experience. The company targets startup founders, entrepreneurs, and local freelancers. 

Urban Office is also home to a great coworking community. You can choose from the coworking spaces, dedicated desks, and private offices. The shared spaces come with common areas and couches. There are also standing height tables. The private offices are perfect for teams and feature plenty of natural lighting. The spaces are designed to dampen sound levels so you can stay focused and productive. 

The coworking space has shower rooms, wellness space, and a full kitchen. Members can benefit from using the professional printer and the meeting rooms on-site. 


openHAUS is a beautifully designed coworking space that aims to create exciting collaborative opportunities for professionals, artists, freelancers, and business owners. The company creates a community of peers who help each other be the best version of themselves. 

The company provides a variety of membership plans. The drop in membership, for instance, is best for those who use coworking spaces occasionally. You also get to enjoy the WiFi connection and coffee. Guests could also choose the hotdesk which is accessible round the clock and comes with a business mail address  There’s also a dedicated desk membership plan that lets you leave behind personal belongings at your workstation. Finally, the digital member plan allows you to use the mailbox and continue to be a part of the openHAUS community even if you’re out of town. 

Overall, openHAUS is a great option worth considering for coworkers in the region. It’s also dog-friendly and has a beautiful design library on-site. There’s a grocery store nearby and the space also features a boutique photo studio. 


workinremotely coworking space portland

Remote.ly ‘perfects’ remote working. This Portland coworking space is adorned with 700 plants and has an in-house barista. You can enjoy espressos, lattes, and other food offerings in the Barista. The coworking space is designed in a way that you get to enjoy great views of the city from every place. 

The entire workspace is secured with CCTV cameras and ID scanning at the entrance. The seating is ergonomic for maximal comfort and there’s free street parking too for members. Remote.ly also offers fast internet connectivity and access to conference rooms. You can either enjoy local delicacies at Remote.ly or bring your own from home and prepare them as needed in the designated area. 

CoLab Coworking

colab coworking space portland

CoLab aims to be a creative coworking space for startups and freelancers in Portland. The workspace is accessible 24×7 and has a blazing fast internet connection. Step into one of the specially designed privacy booths if you have to take a call or enjoy your workout time at the on-site gym which also features shower rooms. 

CoLab lets you print color copies and utilize the conference room for meetings as well. Guests can choose from the flexi desk, floating point, moveable feast, dedicated spaces, and solo office plans, among others. Each of these plans has its own pros and cons. The flexi desk plan is perfect for those who need limited features. The solo office plan, on the other hand, provides access to a lockable private office space. 

There are also special plans for teams ranging in size from 2 to 8 members and more. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve seen the many benefits these coworking spaces in Portland offer, why not visit them in person to check out the amenities and infrastructure? Make sure you discuss your specific business requirements with the management to ensure the needs of your team can be accommodated. 


While you’re at one of these amazing spaces, do not miss networking opportunities with your peers and who knows, you might discover a potential new business partner or friend for life! That’s indeed the power of coworking spaces and communities, after all! 

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