12 Best Coworking Spaces in Dallas

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Dallas is one of the most populous cities in the US and is home to numerous startups and enterprises. However, renting commercial office spaces in the city can be an expensive affair depending on which location you choose. That’s when coworking spaces in Dallas emerge as a great choice.


Freelance, remote workers, and virtual employees appreciate the convenience coworking spaces offer: they’re a welcome relief from boring home offices too. What’s more, coworking spaces are community hotspots and present great opportunities to collaborate and network with your peers, no matter what field you hail from. You’ll find people from all walks of life: from startup CEOs to entrepreneurs and skilled freelancers to photographers.

We’ve shortlisted some of the best coworking spaces in the city so you could choose the ones you find the most appealing easily. Let’s see what these are. 


WeWork Dallas

wework coworking space dallas

WeWork is a global chain of coworking spaces you’ll find in several cities across the world. It’s a large international community that certainly has its advantages if you’re considering coworking or expanding your team as an entrepreneur by meeting new talent. 

WeWork has as many as 11 locations in Dallas at the time of writing and each of these spaces boasts a professional environment that is targeted at growing lively communities. Members can enjoy coffee and access the meeting rooms when needed. There are dedicated front desk spaces too. 

 You will also find printing stations and private phone booths. There are private office spaces and hot desks to choose from depending on your preferences. Working at WeWork is a great way of being a part of this inspiring global movement that fosters collaboration and coworking.

Spaces Dallas

spaces coworking space dallas

Spaces focuses on creating an inspiring workspace for artists and creative professionals. This Dallas coworking space features beautiful meeting rooms and has blazing fast WiFi. Guests can choose from shared spaces, private desks, and complete office spaces.

A variety of membership plans are available: you can customize your space according to your specific requirements. The company also offers free trials and tours which are great ways to explore the space before you make the decision and choose a suitable plan that works for you and your business. 

Industrious Dallas

industrious coworking space dallas

Industrious offers premium office spaces for teams of all sizes. The coworking spaces feature best in class modern amenities including conference rooms for you to leave a lasting impression on your clients and investors. 

You can enjoy craft coffee and beverages in addition to the lightning-fast WiFi connection. The spaces also have event zones, outdoor areas, and even fitness centers to help you stay in shape. The spaces are move-in ready so you just need to bring your laptop or tablet along and get started. Industrious also provides bike storage and parking garages for your convenience. 

Serendipity Labs

serendipity coworking space dallas

Serendipity Labs calls itself the most “sought after” address in the city with its vibrant coworking community that helps you get work done faster and more efficiently. The space is centrally located with several restaurants and entertainment spaces being just a stone’s throw away. 

There are ample parking facilities available on-site as well. Serendipity Labs provides guests with tailor-made coworking spaces based on their business needs. You can get in touch with the company to describe your specific requirements for the coworking space. Expect to work in a classy office space with frosted glass walls and elegant furnishings when you choose Serendipity Labs.

A number of different coworking membership plans are available for purchase: you can choose to visit for 1 day a month or 10, for example, among other options. 


WorkLodge offers private office spaces, team suites, and shared spaces to meet a variety of coworking requirements. The company provides high-speed internet, on-site support teams, and parking. An unlimited supply of coffee and fruit infused water is also made available for the convenience of the members. 

There are also meeting and conference rooms on-site. Guests can choose a membership plan according to their needs: there are month-to-month and annual plans available. WorkLodge also hosts a number of networking events from time to time. 

Common Desk

common desk coworking space dallas

Common Desk has a simple aim: the company wishes to make workdays more lovable in highly experiential ways. You can expect some really good coffee and lots of interesting people. 

At Common Desk, it’s all about human connections and networking, creating that community spirit of belongingness. The company also pays particular attention to fitness. You’ll find sit/stand desks and group workouts are organized from time to time. 

Novel Coworking

novel coworking space dallaas

Novel Coworking is situated in a historic part of downtown Dallas. You will find here private office suites, coworking spaces, and large spaces for enterprises. All spaces are fully equipped with modern amenities including WiFi. There are also conference and meeting rooms. 

The space is close to several city hotspots and there’s no shortage of shopping, entertainment, and fine dining spaces nearby. You can also benefit from mail services and branding on-site.

Capital Factory

Capital Factory calls itself the best coworking space in Dallas to meet your potential investor or new business partner. The space is primarily targeted at the tech community and aims to foster a creative environment that helps everyone grow.

The 81,000 sq. ft. space hosts numerous tech events throughout the year and also has a VR lab for you to use state of the art technology for your startup or enterprise. No matter what stage your startup is at, Capital Factory has you covered. 

There is also a gym on-site along with a fully stocked kitchen for the guests to use. You can also get mentored and explore opportunities for fundraising and expanding your team. 


headspace coworking space dallas

Located in North Dallas, HeadSpace is a beautiful coworking space that provides flexible membership plans to its patrons. You need not enter into binding long-term agreements when you choose HeadSpace; the company will quickly provide you with a custom membership plan to suit your needs. 

You can benefit from the blazing fast WiFi connection and the fully equipped conference rooms. The Dallas coworking space hosts amazing social events from time to time. The goal is to enable guests to find like-minded individuals and encourage collaboration. 

Venture X

venture x coworking space dallas

Venture X is a premium coworking space in Dallas that caters to microbusinesses and enterprises alike. This is a completely flexible coworking space that encourages guests to collaborate and be a part of the vibrant community. 

You can benefit from the on-site internet facilities, state of the art conference rooms, event space, and phone booths. 

Venture X also provides copy and printing facilities. Want to create a new podcast for your business? Venture X can help you with that too! The space also features a mail service and a cafe. 

Dallas Entrepreneur Center

Established in 2013, DEC helps entrepreneurs realize their business goals. It has an amazing coworking community where you’ll be able to interact with thought leaders from corporate organizations and government agencies. 

You can even opt for a virtual office membership or become a permanent member. DEC provides printing facilities, ultra-fast internet, phone booths, and free notary services on-site. Guests can enjoy coffee and beer or access the kitchen.

A number of events are organized in the Dallas Entrepreneur Center from time to time. There are also personal lockers on-site to store your belongings. 


weld coworking space dallas

Weld is, in the words of the company, the “creative hub” of Dallas. The coworking space is perfect for creative professionals including photographers and artists. Weld features a thoughtful innovative design that exudes creativity and passion.

It’s an ideal workspace for freelancers seeking a quaint environment in which to ideate, collaborate, and get inspired with fresh new ideas. Got a phone call? Step into one of the soundproof phone booths. 

Apple product owners will find the retracting power cords on the tables super convenient. You’ll also get plenty of power outlets and access to a very friendly community. Guests can choose from a variety of membership plans. There are shared spaces, private cubes, dedicated desks, and premier spaces to choose from. 

If you’d like to store your office stuff including monitors, headphones, and editing stations behind, dedicated desks are ideal. On the other hand, premier spaces are perfect for small business teams who wish to stay in close collaboration. There’s a fixed monthly cost associated with this space for greater convenience.

Final Words

The rise of freelancing and remote working across the world have made coworking spaces the favorite haunt of creative professionals who need inspiring spaces to connect, collaborate, and work out of. 

We just saw the 12 best coworking spaces in Dallas that are worth exploring if you are an entrepreneur seeking to establish a flexible base for your startup. Each of these spaces has its own unique offerings and it is best to check with the management to ensure your specific business needs can be taken care of. 

So, what are you waiting for? Step into one of these amazing spaces and enjoy the magic of working together. Happy coworking! 

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