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When it comes to coworking, Brooklyn boasts some of the best places in the New York area that’ll delight freelancers and remote employees. If you’re one of those creative professionals seeking a respite from your home office space, look no further than these coworking spaces in Brooklyn we’ve handpicked for you.

Most of these coworking spaces cater to a specific business segment. While some are just perfect for entrepreneurs and startup founders, others are more suited to writers and other creative professionals. Let’s get right onto the list.

1. Nowhere Studios

nowhere studios coworking space brooklyn

This is an amazing coworking studio that’s located in the Brooklyn core. The great thing about Nowhere Studios is that you can access the workspaces round the clock. There’s plenty of natural light and free coffee to keep you going in your creative endeavors.

The space also has a large rooftop deck and claims to provide desk spaces to guests without any waiting times. So, if you’re in a hurry to grab yourself a place to work out of, you know where to head in the heart of Brooklyn. What’s more, you get to enjoy a full eat-in kitchen. Nowhere Studios also provides free printing and scanning to guests.

The WiFi is super fast and you can also request mail and package handling. Monthly meetups can also be accommodated on request.

2. Industrious Brooklyn

industrious coworking space brooklyn

Close to the Barclays Center, Industrious Brooklyn offers a warm and elegant coworking space complete with all amenities. The space offers coffee, breakfast, snacks, office supplies, and has dedicated conference rooms for your meetings. Guests can enjoy the lightning-fast WiFi network on-site.

Industrious features beautiful common areas and lounges to unwind and relax. The space is home to a great community and also hosts networking events for guests to connect with each other and discover exciting opportunities for collaboration. Industrious is also pet-friendly and includes both indoor and outdoor spaces.

3. Bat Haus Coworking

Bat Haus Coworking creates a productive environment for the community to work efficiently in a collaborative fashion. The space is open during business hours and organizes tours to its coworking spaces for guests as well.

Bat Haus Coworking provides guests with a fast internet connection in addition to a kitchen, lounge, backyard access, and printing and scanning facilities. Conference rooms are also available for those who wish to organize presentations and meetings with their teams.

The space offers guests several plans to choose from ranging from day passes with 10-hour access to the “full” pass that also includes access to the conference rooms on-site.

4. Spaces

spaces coworking space brooklyn

Situated right in downtown Brooklyn, Spaces is a coworking space that’s just a walking distance away from the Brooklyn Arts Museum. Spaces calls itself a “creative working environment” which helps businesses accelerate their pace in a modern atmosphere complete with all amenities.

Guests can enjoy fresh coffee and delicious lunch at the fully serviced space. Dedicated desks and a meeting room are also available. Businesses can benefit from a flexible coworking space for their team which is accessible 24 x 7. Spaces adopts a pay as you go model.

5. WeWork

wework coworking space brooklyn

WeWork Brooklyn is a part of an international chain of coworking spaces located around the globe. At the time of writing, there are 5 WeWork spaces in the Brooklyn region. WeWork offers flexible workspaces that are the favorite haunt of entrepreneurs and remote working professionals.

You could choose private office spaces, hot desks in the common areas, and dedicated desk spaces in a shared office zone. Onsite dining facilities are also available in many locations in addition to wellness clubs. WeWork spaces also feature phone booths for private calls and video chats.

Fruit water and coffee are provided to all guests without any charge. WeWork also provides business-class printing services and spaces for conducting events and workshops.

6. The Yard

The Yard is a popular coworking space with all-inclusive memberships. The company attaches great importance to community collaboration and designs its coworking spaces in a way that addresses the creative needs of the community members.

Expect stunning artworks adorning the spaces and prepare to meet interesting people every day at The Yard. The Yard has three coworking spaces in Brooklyn that feature in-house wellness centers and event spaces.

7. Green Desk

greendesk coworking space brooklyn

Green Desk is an eco-friendly coworking space that provides individuals and businesses with office suites on monthly and long-term rentals. You will find a stable high-speed internet connection inside the energy-efficient buildings powered by renewable energy. Guests will notice CFL and LED light bulbs in the interior spaces and green products in use everywhere.

Green Desk also provides complimentary fruit-infused water and fresh coffee to members. Mail and package services are also available on request. You’ll find printers, scanners, and copiers within easy reach at all locations.

8. PencilWorks

PencilWorks provides dynamic office spaces for remote working professionals complete with commercial lofts, dedicated desks, and offices on monthly rentals. Virtual office support is also available with a local phone number, mailing address, and admin support. PencilWorks also has conference rooms for guests to engage for boardroom presentations, meetings, and conferences.

Another great thing about PencilWorks is that the company provides businesses access to VR and AR technologies to take their business ideas to the next level. Both wired and wireless internet networks are available for use.

9. BrooklynWorks at 159

BrooklynWorks at 159 is a community space that grows with you, offering immense opportunities for collaboration and networking. BrooklynWorks also provides a variety of scalable and affordable membership plans to choose form.

The space also offers high-speed printing and internet access. You can also use the on-site scanning and e-fax services. Guests can enjoy unlimited coffee and tea in addition to access to the common areas and the shared kitchen. There are also monthly happy hours and special networking events.

10. Workspace Williamsburg

workspace coworking space brooklyn

Workspace Williamsburg calls itself an “oasis” in the city— a warm place to chill out and work in a community-oriented environment. The space makes extensive use of natural materials which lend it a unique charm. Microphones, speakers, and projectors are available in both the Brooklyn workspaces.

Workspace Williamsburg offers both full-time and part-time passes in addition to new member trial passes and virtual office support with a local mailing address.

11. SHARED Brooklyn

shared brooklyn coworking space

SHARED Brooklyn targets creative professionals, architects, and designers seeking a liberating environment that inspires them to work. What’s more, SHARED offers spectacular waterfront views as well. The space is dog-friendly and encourages you to hug your furry friend often.

You’ll find phone booths, conference rooms, fast WiFi and ethernet, and printer services. You can even get a free day pass to try the workspace out and see if it’s a good fit for your business.

12. Founders Workspace

founderswork coworking space brooklyn

If you seek a place that offers warm sunlit interiors to work out from, Founders Workspace might be a great option worth considering. The space has conference rooms, phone booths, and printing services.

You also get access to lightning-fast WiFi and amazing networking events and workshops that are organized from time to time. Both full and part-time passes are available depending on your needs.

13. Work Heights

workspace coworking space brooklyn

Work Heights offers three coworking spaces in Brooklyn. If you’re in need of a quiet and distraction-free environment to work from, Work Heights provides that and more.

At Work Heights, minimal work design is the name of the game. You’ll never find any of their locations overstuffed with fancy stuff. Everything in the workspaces serves a function and that’s what makes the coworking spaces so unique. The space offers a variety of flexible plans, including a special “weekends and nights” plan too.

14. Bond Collective

bond collective

Bond Collective offers a beautiful coworking space in Brooklyn featuring a unique workspace with ample sunlight. The wooden floors and exposed brick interiors create an incredible old-world charm.

You’ll also find bike storage spaces, conference rooms, private offices, and dedicated desks. The curated boutique space also offers free fruit-infused water.

15. BKLYN Commons

BKLYN Commons provides peaceful private spaces that help you get work done. The conference rooms are equipped with modern media infrastructure including HDMI connections, Apple TV, and whiteboards as well for those who prefer the old school flowcharts.

Members get access to exclusive events that offer exciting collaboration opportunities. You also get special discounts from local businesses owing to the company’s partnerships.

16. 100 Bogart

100 Bogart is well-suited for freelancers who wish to try working out of a coworking space in Brooklyn that can present unique flexible workspaces. At 100 Bogart, you’ll find fully-equipped meeting rooms, parking facilities, kitchen areas, and printing facilities in addition to a fast internet connection.

There’s also a multi-purpose gallery space and a podcast studio on-site. Guests will also benefit from the educational programming that the company curates: from happy hours to networking events, there’s something for everyone.

17. Camp David

camp david coworking space brooklyn

Camp David has been designed with small businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs in mind. There are beautiful outdoor spaces (with WiFi facilities) to work in as well. Camp David also offers a Gym room complete with lockers and shower rooms. There’s even a private Content Studio that’s soundproof and equipped with modern studio equipment.

Enter the library lounges to take a break or step into the cafe for a quick meal after a tiring day. Guests can choose from work lounges, private offices, and assigned desks.

Final Words

If you’re looking out for coworking spaces in Brooklyn, consider the options we’ve presented above. Each of these workspaces has been engineered to facilitate your coworking journey and encourage collaboration and networking with fellow professionals.

Remember to check with the coworking space management if your specific business needs can be taken care of before you make the final decision.

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