14 Best Coworking Spaces in Atlanta

alkaloid coworking space atl
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Coworking spaces are one of the best things to have happened for freelancers and remote professionals who need a place as cozy as home minus the routine boredom. Atlanta is one of the fastest advancing cities technologically and is a significant tech hub in more ways than one. You will find a great mix of both Fortune 500 companies and startups in this city.

While working out of a coffee shop is quite beneficial, tech professionals and remote employees are increasingly preferring the flexibility that incubators and coworking spaces bring. We’ve shortlisted some of the best coworking spaces in Atlanta that are also the most popular and work-friendly options. Let’s explore these one by one.

Alkaloid Networks

alkaloid coworking space atl

Alkaloid Networks establishes a community of professionals who are all focused on achieving increased productivity levels and collaboration opportunities. You can enjoy locally roasted coffee and snacks while working. The space also features plenty of free parking.

Alkaloid Networks takes a unique approach to ensure that the community of professionals remains tightly-knitted. This it does by limiting the number of shared workspaces. Only regular members are offered memberships to keep the community small. The space also offers panoramic views from the rooftop and is ideal for those looking out for a conveniently located hotspot.


Industrious coworking space atl

Located in Midtown, Industrious Atlanta is one of the most renowned coworking spaces in Atlanta and that offers well-designed common community areas and modern amenities. You will enjoy working at one of the many shared desks and access to the lounge and dining spaces.

Industrious is also equipped with an outdoor space should you wish to enjoy the company of the outdoors. The company also has a variety of deals to cover your moving costs. Industrious also has a ‘Canvas’ range of workspaces which can be customized according to your specific business needs, reflecting your branding and business values.


wework coworking space atl

Located in Buckhead, WeWork is a brand that needs no introduction when it comes to the coworking field. WeWork is actually a global network of workspaces that offers world-class amenities and excellent opportunities to discover new friends and mentors. There are 13 WeWork spaces in Atlanta each of which is located in an important city hotspot.

WeWork offers customizable shared workspaces that are designed to keep you all charged up for work. You can also bring in your clients and potential investors to your workspace or private office suite to leave a lasting impression. You can also enjoy free coffee and access to meeting rooms that are available for conferences. The space hosts a number of networking events throughout the year.

Serendipity Labs

serendipity labs coworking space atl

Serendipity Labs provides dedicated office spaces, shared spaces, and team rooms. You are treated to beautiful green views and access to high-end cafes and restaurants in the neighborhood. The coworking space provides coffee and tea free of charge.

A great thing about taking a full or part-time membership at Serendipity Labs is that you get access to the on-site fitness center too. You will be greeted at work every day by stunning local artworks. Guests have also praised the friendly support staff.

Atlanta Tech Village

Atlanta Tech Village creates a whole ‘village’ where professionals and freelancers get to work in a fun, productive, and collaborative work environment. The space aims to create a conducive place for startups to raise sufficient funding to realize their goals. Many successful startups have undertaken their journey with Atlanta Tech Village, raising millions of dollars.

You will be working alongside teams from some of the best-known startups in the world. Atlanta Tech Village also helps founders get mentored by subject matter experts.

Roam Interactive Workplace

Roam coworking space atl

Roam intends to make Mondays happier. The Atlanta coworking space caters to a variety of professionals: from big tech employees to startup CEOs and remote workers. The company creates what it calls ‘multi-functional’ spaces which help guests to learn, focus, grow, collaborate, and socialize, all at the same time.

Roam offers a variety of modern tech amenities to meet your business needs. There are meeting rooms on-site for organizing conferences and discussions. The company also helps guests plan for meetings with the support of their staff. The seats are allotted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Strongbox West

strongbox coworking space atl

Strongbox West is mainly targeted at artists, freelancers, professionals, and startups. The space has been operational in the city for quite some time now and is the oldest running one of its kind.

Strongbox West provides guests with free parking, lightning-fast internet connectivity, 24-hour security, and discounted rates for events. The company has a variety of membership plans and also provides office spaces for lease for a period spanning 6 to 12 months. Guests can also opt for day passes.

Regus Georgia

If your main priority is business-grade service in Atlanta city, Regus is a great option to consider. The workspaces offer specially designed ergonomic furniture and communal kitchens. If yours is a team, you can also customize the look and feel of the office spaces with your company branding.

Regus also provides office spaces with great outdoor views if that’s your thing. You can use the Regus app to book the spaces without having to physically visit the centers.


Kefi calls itself a ‘modern family hub’. The great thing about Kefi is that you can bring your kids along and let them have fun with the trained staff and other children around while you work in a productive environment.

There are several drop-off programs and parenting sessions as well. Kids never get bored as the play sessions are changed on a weekly basis. Dedicated desks and coworking spaces with coffee services and live feeds from the play spaces gives you unparalleled peace of mind when working. Kefi has specially engineered play spaces built with kids’ needs in mind. Kefi also provides guests with access to study lounge areas.

PeachTree Offices

peach tree office coworking space atl

PeachTreeOffices are located in prime city regions. The company is known for providing affordable fully furnished office spaces for teams of all sizes.

Virtual offices are also available for those who do not need a physical setup. A number of flexible virtual office plans are on offer which include live phone answering, business mailboxes, and access to meeting spaces. You can invite your clients and potential investors over to a conference room or your rented coworking space if needed. Additionally, their team can assist you in creating an invitation tailored to your event, ensuring it reflects the professionalism and ambiance of your business.


constellation coworking space atl

Constellations is all about stunning architecture and community values. You can choose a field office, a private office space or a shared work zone.  Packages come in the form of coworking memberships. The company provides great coffee and cookies too. Constellations encourages ‘purpose-driven’ professionals, historians, artists, writers, and companies to work in an environment that nurtures creativity.

The workspace is built inside a beautifully preserved early 20th-century building. If you long for that old world charm, look no further than Constellations.


shared space coworking space atl

SharedSpace encourages collaboration in the workplace and has unique open spaces, meeting rooms, and phone booths for you and your team to work with high productivity levels.

SharedSpace coworking spaces feature business-grade Internet services and printing facilities. Guests can enjoy free parking, community events, and coffee. A professional cleaning service ensures your workspace remains tidy and clean. There are also lunches and community yoga sessions.

The company provides special discounts to military personnel and registered non-profits.


centerform coworking space atl

Centerform is another option you should consider when looking out for the best coworking spaces in Atlanta. The workspace features a collaborative and creative environment for professionals and freelancers to do what inspires them.

The company provides free WiFi and coffee to all members. You can choose to work at a hot desk, a private office suite or a stand-alone desk. Each option comes with its own perks including access to meeting rooms and guest passes. The space also has a library and a large room for workshops and other events. There’s also a specially designed training room complete with boards and a projector and a conference room with all modern amenities.


space works coworking space atl

Spaces provides innovators with engaging workplaces that have been designed with a singular focus on helping guests achieve their business goals. Spaces features several coworking desks and dedicated spaces. Expect blazing fast internet connection and enjoy the many services the company provides.

Since flexibility is one of the key drivers behind coworking, Spaces encourages businesses to enter into flexible contracts with the company. It’s completely fine if your business needs change over time: Spaces customizes its offerings accordingly. Guests can visit the business club which is a great place to expand your professional network and even discover friends for life. At Spaces, you pay only for what you actually end up using.

Final Words

If you’re looking for a charming place to work from, need an escape from your home office or simply need the refreshing energy of a collaborative space, coworking spaces are ideal options.

We just saw some of the best coworking spaces and shared office spaces in Atlanta city and what makes each of these spaces truly unique. Ultimately, you should consider if the coworking space of your choice meets your specific business needs and is willing to customize the work experience for you depending on your requirements.

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