21 Best AutoDial Software for Businesses in 2020

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According to Develux, if you need to make many phone calls quickly you should consider investing in an auto dial software.

This software makes hundreds of calls quickly to your customers or potential customers and allows you to either send those customers to a recorded message or speak to them directly. You can set up the auto dial software to help you remember to follow up on contacts or get important messages out to your contacts without having to look up your contact list every time. 

Auto dial software allows the members of your call center to focus on what they need to be doing as opposed to dialing numbers all day. Whether you are cold calling for a candidate or making calls for a business, this software will help increase the number of people you reach and help your workers be more productive. Here are 21 of the best auto dial software available. 

Call Logic

Call Logic automates many different outbound calls for your company. They are a TCPA Compliant dialing platform. Call Logic can be accessed on your computer, laptop, or tablet by simply logging in. This auto dial software allows you to pull reports on previous call campaigns and monitor current campaigns.

By using Call Logic you will help your team triple their productivity by not having to manually call people. There is no telemarketing delay where your customer picks up the phone to dead air. Your representatives will be speaking live as soon as your customer answers their phone. Some features of Call Logic include Manager Dashboard, TCPA Compliant, Click to Call, Call Campaigns, Call Recordings, Scrubbing, Integrations, and Reports and Insights.

There are four different pricing levels at Call Logic. The Bronze Level is a ten hour plan, the Silver Level is a twenty hour plan, the Gold Level is a forty hour plan, and the Platinum level is unlimited hours. Each plan comes with these features: rollover of unused time, free training, import contacts, pre-recorded voicemails, scheduling, custom dispositions, free upgrades, mobile version, and more. You do not have to purchase special apps or equipment to use Call Logic software.

Call Logic offers video tutorials including adding contacts, creating campaigns, Allstate integration set up and use, call logic integrations, managing your account, campaign functions, and manager dashboard. They also offer support including dialing, contacts, voicemail, and more. Call Logic has articles and videos to help you get started and answer any questions you may have about their auto dial software. 


XenCALL offers 82 call center applications to help you grow and run your organization to its fullest potential. They have over twenty years of experience. 

They offer built in CRM and third party integration capabilities. XenCall will help you increase productivity and lower your overhead. Some of the features of XenCall include complete IVR, lead playlists, automatic speed controls, customer management, report dashboard, third party verification, leads API, and live scripts.

Other features include VoIP and webphone build in, lead targeting, third party posting, reporting and analytics, live transfers, third party lead posting, live floor monitoring, inbound agent intercept, agent and dial list prioritization, firewall security, blended inbound and outbound, agent callback calendar, inbound queues, appointment calendars, dialer speed configuration, inbound queue voicemail and strategy, API capabilities, extensions, forwarding, and voicemail, call recording, do not call lists, inbound agent intercept, custom profile fields, CRM built in, custom disposition and queues, and custom agent statuses.

Their integration features the Contact Center Compliance DNC.com. XenCall offers support for setting up and using their auto dial software. If you have questions, answers can be found with just a few clicks. They also have a XenCall Academy which offers guided training with videos to help you get started and maintain your auto dial software. 

Nice inContact

Nice inContact is customizable for any size business. They offer omnichannel routing which features MyAgent eXperience MAX, automatic contact distributor, proactive outbound, interactive voice response, and interaction channels.

They also feature call center analytic software which includes performance management, interaction analytics, and reporting. CXone automation and artificial intelligence is another product that Nice inContact offers. It includes partner AI chatbots, workforce intelligence, and predictive behavioral routing. The open cloud foundation provides security and reliability, voice as a service, CRM integrations, RESTful API’s, UCaaS integrations, and developer ecosystem.

Nice inContact CXone call center software includes all of the above. Their call center software also features reporting, automatic contact distributor, voice as a service, interactive voice responder, customer satisfaction surveys, omnichannel analytics, and great management. Nice inContact provides services including education and training, business consulting, profession service, and customer support. Nice inContact includes many resources such as data sheets, customer stories, webinars, videos, white pages, and more. For pricing, you can contact them for a quote request. 

Ring Central Engage Voice

Ring Central Engage Voice auto dial software helps you harness the power of human connection and effectively engage future and current customers. With Engage Voice you can maximize productivity and reduce downtime while connecting with customers.

Ring Central Engage Voice has four platforms to choose from. The essentials platform for up to twenty users includes document sharing, toll free numbers or business phone, team messaging, unlimited calls within the US and Canada, voicemail to text, and unlimited SMS. The standard platform has no limit to the number of users.

It also includes everything in the essential platform plus 24/7 support, business phone numbers in over 200 countries, popular integrations including Slack, Office 365, Gsuite, and more, unlimited internet fax, quality of service reports, unlimited audio conferencing, video meetings with up to one hundred participants, and up to 24 hour meeting duration. The Premium platform includes everything in the standard platform and developer platform and custom integrations, automatic call recording, industry specific integrations with Smarsh, Canvas, and more, single sign on, popular CRM integrations with Zendesk, Salesforce, and more, multiple sight administration and management, real time analytics, hot desking, video meetings with up to two hundred participants, advance call handling with  whisper, barge, and more.

The Ultimate platform includes everything in the premium platform and unlimited storage, device status reports, and device status alerts. Ring Central Engage Voice is for small and large businesses. Their resources include a resource center with videos, white papers, and webinars. They also offer product demos, case studies, and a blog with all the latest information. Ring Central Engage Voice software can be used anywhere with any device. It is easy to use, buy, and manage. 

Phone Burner

PhoneBurner leaves emails and voicemails, power dials your leads, and helps you increase productivity.

Phone Burner includes these premium features: phone and email support, unlimited power dialing, call transfer, CRM, call recording, voicemail drop, call tracking and analytics, email sending, local ID, email, link, and attachment tracking, optional add on of text messaging, and custom dispositions. Administrative features include dedicated success manager for teams over five, dedicated admin portal, content sharing for rapid setup, smart lead distribution, and real time reports and leaderboards. PhoneBurner offers monthly and yearly rates.

Both have unlimited dialing with no per minute fees. Phone Burner power dialing helps you hit quotas faster with delay free dialing and a smarter lead selection. Local caller ID will help minimize voice mail messages and will help you connect more with your customers.

Automation lets you leave the repetitive tasks to the software. With reporting you can monitor individuals, or your whole team. Custom reports and automated call tracking will help you have good data at your fingertips. Leadstream automatically distributes leads to your team to help with increased conversation potential and efficiency. Support at PhoneBurner includes PhoneBurner status, live support chat and a Knowledgebase.

The Knowledgebase includes system and onboard training along with information about billing, team accounts, emailing, localID, integrations, dialing, sales force, and more. PhoneBurner is easy to use with no contracts, no telemarketer delay, automate lead distribution, get advanced custom reporting, track opens and engagement, automate post call workflows, manage leads with ease, and since it is cloud based you can dial from anywhere. 


TalkDesk offers three different levels. The first level is the professional level which is for small and medium sized contact centers.

The professional level includes ACD, mood sentiment, IVR studio, CSAT SMS surveys, real time live dashboards, access to over fifty AppConnect partners, business intelligence, access to over sixty out of the box integrations, and access to industry’s deepest salesforce integration. The next level is Professional Plus which includes everything in the professional level. In addition, Professional Plus includes real time and historic reporting APIs, and mobile agents (Android and iOS). The last level is Enterprise. The Enterprise level includes everything in professional plus. This level also includes connections, 100% uptime SLA, studio functions, custom report and dashboard information, and all APIs.

TalkDesk also offers additional add ons. These include omnichannel, screen recording, workforce management, proxy, quality management, guardian, speech analytics, salesforce smart SMS, virtual agent, local presence, guide, and PCI payment. TalkDesk also offers flexible deployment options.

The Boost option helps you keep your ACD routing while having all cloud capabilities. The XConnect option includes intelligent routing, call center analytics, desktop and mobile call control, and more. The hybrid cloud option allows you to use the powerful cloud solution while adhering to your specific internal compliance and security regulations through the private cloud. The regional cloud option allows you to choose your cloud location.

The select cloud option improves performance and reduces costs by enabling all the modern and innovative functionalities of a cloud native contact center on your cloud infrastructure provider of choice. 


Five9 was established in 2001 and it allows you to empower your agents to work anywhere. Five9 offers three levels. The Inbound Cloud software helps you connect your caller to the correct agent every time.

It includes ACD with call distribution algorithms, agent scripting, skills based, priority, and time of day and voicemail routing, drag and drop script design, priority routing, real time, historical, and custom reports, web and queue, easy to use administration tools, incoming call whisper, at home agent capabilities, toll free numbers, call recording, IVR with intuitive script designer, softphone, IVR scheduling, contact database, professional prompts for self service, agent desktop, text to speech and speech recognition, CRM integration, in queue and estimated wait time, CTI screen pop, and post call surveys.

The Outbound level allows you to connect with callers to let them know about a new service or product or remind them of an upcoming appointment among other things. The Outbound level includes remote agents, automated dialer technologies (power, predicative, preview, and progressive dialer), standard and custom reports, campaign and list management, voice recording, CTI screen pop, quality monitoring, CRM integrations (Microsoft, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Oracle, Zendesk, and Netsuite), Local caller ID, web callback, list penetration dialing mode, agent scripting, vertical dialing mode, real time DNC list management, timezone rules dialing, FTP data import, automatic voicemail laydown, outbound call priority, answering machine detection, and disposition timers and redials. The blended level is a combination of Five9’s inbound and outbound software.

This level includes local number dialing, ACD with call distribution algorithms, real time historical and custom reports, skills based and priority routing, easy to use administration tools, web and queue, at home agent capabilities, toll free numbers, realtime DNC list management, CTI screen pops, answering machine and fax detection, IVR with intuitive script designer, agent scripting, text to speech and speech recognition, preview predicative, power, and progressive dialer, agent desktop, post call surveys, contact databases, call recording, and CRM integrations.

Pricing at Five9 is based on usage, seats, and features you choose. They have both yearly and month to month plans. The Five9 cloud call center software includes intelligent omnichannel routing, omnichannel interactions, workforce management, CRM integration, reporting and analytics, and auto dialer modes. 


Velocify is a great tool for larger businesses. Velocify Dialer IQ is one of the most reliable outbound and inbound sales dialers. It includes sales communication including the ability to make over ten thousand calls at once.

Your sales reps have email, phone, and text communication tools on a single screen. This system was built for sales, so it leads to responsiveness and productivity. They have high conversion rates by following an optimal contact strategy. You are able to access who did what, when, and why no matter where they are. Velocify offers platform flexibility. Dialer IQ is cloud based. Other features include call recordings, live coaching, click to dial, shotgun connect, pre recorded voicemails, reports and analytics, local presence, international dialing, inbound and outbound blending, and power dialing.

Velocify offers many resources including business, opportunity, and team management. Lead management software helps you to reach more prospects, boost productions, and respond faster. Its features include analytical tools, capture, distribution of automated emails and SMS drips, consolidates lead records, pull push and hybrid lead development options, and more.

The four levels for Velocify Lead Management are Standard which includes lead capture, trigger email, funnel insights, distribution, prescriptive prioritization, and sales flow. The Advanced level includes everything from the standard level plus lead scoring, de-duplication, power prioritization, enterprise distribution, and advanced sales flow. The Outbound level includes click to dial, prerecorded voice mails, shotgun dial, next call, power dialing, and local presence.

The fourth level is the Plus level. The Plus level includes everything in the outbound level and call tracking insights, number provisioning, interactive call menus, and call routing. 

Chase Data

Chase Data  predictive dialer software allows you to improve customer satisfaction, lower overall operation cost, make dedicated business decisions, and increase agents productivity while maximizing sales.

Some features of Chase Data include hot lead injection, campaigns, call recording, dashboard, caller id anywhere, list manager, reporting, and more. They offer a free trial and can have you set up and running within two weeks. Chase Data has fast and easy deployment, no code integrations, and basic training is a snap. 

Genesys Pure Connect

Genesys Pure Connect Platform is an all in one, flexible CX platform that will meet your needs. Genesys has three different platforms to choose from. The first is Genesys Cloud One. This level features IVR minutes, data storage, API requests, and inbound and outbound voice.

The next level is the Genesys Cloud Two. This level includes Genesys Cloud 1 plus extra IVR minutes, data storage, API requests, unlimited email and chat, and AI powered customer engagement. Genesys Cloud Three rounds out the levels. This level includes everything from Genesys 1 and 2 plus maximum IVR minutes, data, storage, API requests, SMS messaging and app routing, and workforce engagement management. 


CallHub is great for nonprofits and political phone banking. CallHub smoothly integrates with your CRM. With CallHub you can patch through calls, run smarter campaigns, voter outreach, supporter mobilization, volunteer recruitment, membership management, fundraising, and political campaigns.

There outbound call center features include predictive, power, and preview dialer, monitor and record calls, recruit agents quickly, make a call from a browser or phone, gamify calling campaigns, notify agents, run a distributive campaign, verify phone numbers, schedule a callback, drop a voicemail, and get a local number. Pricing is pay as you go. They have call center pricing, voice broadcast, peer to peer texting, SMS broadcast, SMS opt in, and collective calling and there are no monthly or minimum fees. 


Ricochet360 will help you turn your team into sales superstars. They have three different levels. The CRM and Phone level includes unlimited outbound and inbound calls, Ricochet CRM, click to click call dialing, and cloud phone system.

The CRM, Phone, and Dialer level includes everything from the CRM and Phone level plus perfect voicemail, progressive and preview dialer, lead distribution and tags, lead management system, call recording and call monitoring, and local caller ID. The final level is the CRM, Phone, Dialer and Marketing Automation level. This level includes everything from the last level plus ringless voicemail, webhooks, email messaging drip automation, IP restrictions, text messaging, gamification, chat and instant messaging, referral tracking, and social media integration. Optional solutions include private managed cloud, DNC scrubbing, and direct mail management.

They have a standard and premium support plan. They both include online ticket submission, knowledge base, and chat support. The standard plan also includes up to three calls and thirty minutes of customer support, a help desk representative, and onboarding application configuration service. The premium plan includes unlimited telephone support, dedicated account manager help desk, dedicated account manager onboarding applications, and proactive consultations. 


Aloware is top rated contact center software for your business. Aloware features include open API, soft phones, subclient access, smart queues, power dialer, SMS manager, advanced routing, IVR toolset, contact manager, live dashboard, form capture, and workflow automation.

The three pricing levels include iPro, uPro, and xPro. The iPro level includes chat and phone support, mobile apps, warm and cold transfers, instant setup, hubspot and pipedrive, two way business SMS, and unlimited inbound calls. The uPro has unlimited inbound and outbound calls, instant support, live reports and KPIs, call monitoring and barge, and outbound automation. The xPro level features power dialer and unlimited minutes. It also features custom integration, everything in Pro, and agent training. 


Voicent is a powerful all in one platform for your calling needs. Voicent charges monthly or yearly. Their base plan includes a dedicated account manager, built in CRM, two outbound voice lines/channels, and auto/predictive/progressive and preview dialers.

Optional features include a dedicated cloud account, inbound call center with phone number, call center management, two way text message campaign tool with phone number, email campaign tool, additional outbound and inbound voice channels, workflow automation and customer journey management, and caller ID.

They also offer call center management software which features whisper coaching and call monitoring, real time tracking and historical reports, call volume control, ACD rules engine, integration with call center tools, and automated compliance with FTD dropped calls rule.  


Aircall is the cloud based system for modern businesses. There are three different levels of pricing. The first level is the Essentials level. This level includes unlimited inbound calls, phone support, over fifty integrations and API access, click to dial, collaborative features, voice mail, IVR, and more.

The Professional level includes everything from the essential level plus dedicated account manager, salesforce integration, advanced sales features including power dialer, advanced analytics and reporting, advanced support features including queue callback, live call monitoring, and call tagging and dispositioning.

Their Customized level includes everything from the professional level plus service level agreement, custom analytics, access to API developer support, unlimited outbound calls, and custom onboarding. There are also different phone system, call center, and integration features. 


Kixie was designed to help remote sales teams work faster and smarter. They have three payment levels with varying prices depending on yearly or quarterly rates. The Integrated level features a seven day free trial with email support, business phone service, mobile app, CRM integration, call disposition loggin, SMS messaging, click to call, onboarding resources, new lead creation, IV auto attendant, ring groups, missed call alerts, reporting dashboard, recorded calls, sales leaderboard, and live call board.

The next level is the Enterprise level. It includes a seven day free trial, all of the integrated level features, call queues, local calls, coaching tools, and more. The third level is the custom level. The custom level includes all of the enterprise level features plus an extended trial, custom onboarding, custom automations, custom automated SMS, custom integration, custom auto dialing, and more. Other features include automatic lead dialing, instant cloud based installation, integrated sales cadence, CRM power dialer, plus more exciting features.


Convoso has auto dial software that can be used in any size company. They feature TCPA compliance, omnichannel, lead management, multiple dialing modes, real time reporting, and redial/recycle logic. Some of their advanced features include predictive dialer, follow the sun dialing, workflow automation, dial level scheduling, multiple dialing modes, multi campaign login, local caller id, robust lead management, customizable dashboards, and dynamic scripting. 


Spitfire auto dial offers three different solutions for your business needs. They offer premise, cloud, and hybrid solutions. Spitfire has six dialing modes: predictive, click to dial, fixed rate, manual, quick connect, and preview. With the cloud based solution is one low monthly fee with tech support and training included.

The premise based solution is one cost and you own the software. One year of tech support and training is included with the one time cost. The hybrid solution is one time cost plus a year of training and tech support. The difference between premise based and hybrid is that you can log in from anywhere with the hybrid solution. The features vary with the options you choose. 


Calley auto dialer is for any business that calls in bulk. They have three pricing levels including the personal level which is free. The personal level includes call pausing, 25 calls per day, add contacts manually, single calling list, list calling/dashboard, and a max list size of fifty records.

The Cally Pro level includes a free seven day trial. Some other features include unlimited calls per day, call recording support on android phones with use of the Calley app, unlimited calling list, WhatsApp only mode, max list size of 2000 calls, App dialing mode, power import, CRM integration, SMS notifications and templates, call analysis graphic report, and more. The Calley Teams level includes a free seven day trial. Other features include five agents licence, team lead panel, agent wise call reporting, and much more. The only restrictions to Calley is that it must be used on a phone. 


3CLogic wants to help you help your customers and put them first. Pricing is available by quote. Some of the features of 3CLogic include automated dialer, CTI, reporting and analytics, IVR, speech analytics and IVR analytics. The call center software has many features. Some of the features are agent desktop, toll free numbers, agent scripting, queue management, call dispositioning, dynamic caller ID, and local presence 


JustCall is a cloud based phone system. JustCall has three levels of pricing.

The Standard level includes pay per minute calling, one toll free or local number, email and chat support, call forwarding, recording, and tracking, unlimited integrations, call and SMS analytics, appointment scheduler, call notes and ratings, business hours, SMS and MMS inbox, IVR, and voicemail drop.

The Premium level includes everything from the standard level plus auto dialer, priority support, SMS bots, training and onboarding, salesforce integration, post call surveys, and more. The Enterprise level needs a minimum of 100 users. It combines the standard and priority level features plus bundled calling and SMS rates, dedicated account manager, and priority support on all channels. 

Whether you are using auto dial software to get a message out to your customers, helping people to register to vote, campaigning, or obtaining new customers, this software and their features will help you do everything more quickly and efficiently. 


MyOperator is a leading cloud telephony company with over nine years of experience in the industry. It has over 6,000 customers in over 60 countries worldwide.

Among its vast collection of cloud telephony solutions, MyOperator provides the progressive dialer feature with its outgoing facility available in the cloud call center solution.

MyOperator’s progressive dialer automatically dials the contact number of your prospects as soon as an agent becomes available. So, all the time of the agents, that is otherwise wasted in manually dialing numbers and waiting for the calls to pick-up, is saved.

As soon as a customer picks up the call, it is connected with the available agent, improving customer experience with zero wait time and making staff efficient. 

Progressive autodialer provided by MyOperator is integrated with other modern cloud telephony features including call masking, call tracking, call recording, automatic call distribution, and call reports. With the progressive dialer, you also get access to the MyOperator live panel where you can monitor the real-time activity and performance of all your agents.

For remote team management and call management on-the-go, MyOperator also provides a free mobile app. To get started with MyOperator progressive dialer, you can integrate its call management system with your existing CRM software or import contacts from the Google sheet or a CSV file. Before signing up, you can also schedule a demo by connecting their support team. Notably, MyOperator maintains an average rating of 4.6 on Google based on ratings from over 900 customers.


CallHippo is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) software that guarantees easy online calls inside and outside of your organization. The software has a clean user interface and is most suitable for small and mid-size businesses that don’t need a lot of additional functionalities.

CallHippo allows you to buy local virtual phone numbers from over 50+ countries. It also integrates with 85+ third-party tools, including  Zapier, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics.

With advanced features like a power dialer and real-time reporting, CallHippo improves your team’s productivity and efficiency. It’s an easy-to-use software that offers robust functionality. You can easily access all your call logs from the “Activity Section” including details like department, caller name, call status, date, time, call duration, etc.


ClouldTalk is an innovative auto dial software that provides users with a variety of unique tools to work with. For example, its custom queue feature allows support teams to dictate where incoming calls will be distributed. With CloudTalk, inbound calls are routed to agents who are best suited to solve the customer’s issue. This eliminates call transfers, which can add friction to the customer experience.

Another customizable feature that CloudTalk offers is personalized voicemails. If your team is unavailable, customers can leave voicemails that agents can respond to later. That way, customers aren’t stuck on hold waiting endlessly for your team to answer. Instead, they can simply leave a message, return to their work, and wait for your team to reach out with a prepared solution.


ULTATEL is a provider of cloud-based phone solutions for businesses. Its Clarity platform offers a range of communication services, including voice, video, fax, SMS, and audio conferencing, on a single, affordable system.

The platform includes over 40 enterprise-grade features and allows companies to operate from multiple locations using desktop phones, softphones, or mobile apps, while integrating with other business tools such as Microsoft Teams, contact centers, and CRMs.

ULTATEL is known for its leadership in business communications and is highly rated for its overall value and customer support. Its cloud VoIP technology helps businesses to be more productive and connect with their customers, and its customizable plans come with unlimited calling, SMS, fax, chat, video, and advanced features. I can also integrate with existing systems to provide a seamless experience for its users.

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